RPG Maker MV RPGSAVE Editor (for Items)

RPG Maker MV RPGSAVE Editor (for Items) is a web application that supports editing of the items in the save of the game created with RPG Maker MV. This application refers to the Items.json and associates item IDs in a save file and item names in Items.json, enabling intuitive editing of items. You can use RPG Maker MV RPGSAVE Editor for low-level editing of saves.


Upload Items.json and the save you want to edit items from the following Upload form. A save file is saved as fileX.rpgsave (X is a number) in the www/save folder. Items.json is stored in the www\data folder. To use the edited save, overwrite save already existing in the www\save folder. If you do not want to overwrite existing save, save a new one in the game and overwrite the save.

Upload Items.json and RPGSAVE

  • fileX.rpgsave are located in www/save folder.

    Items.json is located in www/data folder.

    RPG Maker MV RPGSAVE Editor (for Items)

    Items.json is located in www\data folder.

    Browser Support

    Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

    It has been tested on Desktop Chrome.